What is the difference between EZ Out Bed and an adjustable or motion base?
  • EZ Out Bed gives you the same benefits as a medical lift chair to help assist with standing and sitting with the added bonus of being able to lie down flat rather than in a recliner. Regular adjustable bases cannot perform the function of assistance with standing up.
    Which size should I order?
    • For people under 5’11”, the Twin is best.
    • For people 6’ or taller, we recommend the Twin XL.
      Is a mattress included?
      • Yes, a mattress is included. The included mattress is manufactured specifically for use with the EZ Out Bed. The included mattress fits within the included cover. The purpose of the cover is to keep the mattress safely and securely fastened to the base as it moves through all functional positions.
        How thick is the mattress?
        • 6"

          How high is the bed from the ground?

          • 28"

          Is the padded side support rail included with the EZ Out Bed?

          • Yes
            What will happen during a power outage?
            • Battery back-up allows a brief period of powered bed movement in the event of a power failure.
              Is there any assembly?
              • Yes. Minor assembly is required. We do supply all tools and hardware needed to assemble the bed.  Assembly should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

                What is the weight limit of the EZ Out Bed?
                • 450 pounds.

                  Can I return my order?

                  • Please see our Return Policy for details.

                  What are my shipping options?

                  • FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or Pilot Ground. Carrier will be decided by EasyOutBed.com. Please contact us at info@easyoutbed.com if you have questions or concerns.   
                  • White Glove delivery that includes assembly and carton removal is available at checkout.