What is the difference between EZ Out Sleep To Stand 4-in1 Bed and an adjustable or motion base?
  • The EZ Out Sleep To Stand Bed will provide all benefits of both a medical lift chair intended to fully assist to a full standing position from sitting and/or reclining sitting while also while also serving as a full flat mattress based sleeping surface. Regular adjustable bases may sit up up to watch TV but that is where the similarity ends.
    Which size should I order?
    • For people under 5’11”, the Twin is best.
    • For people 6’ or taller, we recommend the Twin XL.

    Will I be able to use my new Sleep To Stand Bed to raise my feet?
    • The articulating motion is not designed to raise your feet above the height of your hips while on the bed.  If your condition requires you to be able to raise your feet above the level of your heart unassisted,  please understand that our bed can not do that.  

      Is a mattress included?

      •  Every EZ Out Sleep To Stand Bed comes with a 6" firm high-density memory foam mattress that is designed and manufactured specifically for use with our bed within the United States. 
        How thick is the mattress?
        • 6"

        Is the mattress firm or soft?

        • Firm.  Not so firm that the high-density memory foam forgets that it's job is to provide some pressure mapping to help relieve soreness along your hips and shoulders though. Most find it to be comfortable but on the firmer side of things.   The additional firmness and stability is needed because during the process of assisting you to a full standing position, or from a full standing position back down - to reclining, sitting, or a full lie flat position - the mattress is designed to never depress through to the edges of the moving platforms making up the underlying base.

          How high is the bed from the ground?

          • 21-22"

          Is the padded side support rail included with the EZ Out Bed?

          • Yes - two actually, one for each arm.
            What will happen during a power outage?
            • Battery back-up allows a brief period of powered bed movement in the event of a power failure.
              Is there any assembly?
              • Yes. Minor assembly is required. We do supply all tools and hardware needed to assemble the bed.  Assembly should take no more than 15-30 minutes. We do recommend having 2 people present for assembly, the base is heavy and a little unwieldy for one person to manage.

                What is the weight capacity of the EZ Out Sleep To Stand 4-In-1 Bed?
                • 450 pounds.

                  Can I return my order?

                  • Please see our Return Policy for details.

                  What are my shipping options?

                  • Free Standard Shipping: We will select the best available carrier to deliver to the area you live.  We use multiple national LTL Specialized Carriers in addition to both UPS and FedEx Ground. Both the EZ Out Sleep To Stand Bad and our Hi-Lo Bed are heavier than normal packages, as such we use ground freight options capable of delivery one of our beds to your doorstep safety and in one piece.  Pre-covid shipping timeframes were faster and easier for us to predict. Transit times do vary based on where you live relative to our warehouse in Oklahoma (i.e. if you live in Bangor, Maine we 100% will get you bed - it just may take 2-3 weeks).  At any time we are hear to help & please contact us if you want any assistance tracking your order.  Generally speaking one to three weeks unless we are asked to try to get it to you as fast as possible.
                  • White Glove Delivery is available for $299 during checkout if needed. This includes delivery to a room of your choice in your home, complete professional assembly, plus removal of any packing materials and the shipping carton. This is a service we do lose money as the White Glove rates have gone up significantly over the past 18 months. To better serve our customers who might truly need this level of service, we have decided to keep rates where they were in early 2020. Right is right, even when it costs money.