Hi-Lo Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a fitted sheet with the Hi-Lo Bed?

  • Yes, you certainly can. The sheet will fit over the mattress and mattress of your choice will be placed on top of the Hi-Lo frame.

Does the Hi-Lo Bed come with a mattress?

  • No. However, you can use your own favorite mattress with the Hi-Lo Bed.

Can I use the Hi-Lo Bed with a headboard?

  • There is no way to attach the headboard to the Hi-Lo Bed.

How high is the Hi-Lo Bed from the ground?

  • Ranges from 8" to 20". Please be advised your mattress will add height to this.

What is the weight limit of the Hi-Lo Bed?

  • 450 pounds.

Is there any assembly?

  • Yes. Minor assembly is required.  We do supply all tools and hardware needed to assemble the bed.  Assembly should take no more than 15 minutes.